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York, PA

Wastewater Treatment Facility


The original Springettsbury Township Wastewater Treatment Facility was constructed in 1970 with a treatment capacity of eight million gallons per day (8 MGD).  In 1984 it was necessary to increase the capacity of the plant to 15 MGD to meet the growing needs of the surrounding communities. In 2009, to meet the requirements of the Chesapeake Bay Initiative, the plant went through a significant upgrade to reduce the amount of phosphorous and total nitrogen being discharge into the receiving water. The upgrades to the facility were completed in 2011.


The Springettsbury Township Wastewater Treatment Facility provides residential, industrial  and commercial wastewater treatment and disposal for nine municipalities:

- Springettsbury Township
- York Township
- Windsor Township
- Manchester Township
- Spring Garden Township
- Red Lion Borough
- Dallastown Borough
- Windsor Borough
- Yoe Borough

We provide residential septage disposal for customers with on lot sanitary systems

We provide beneficial recycled biosolids to local farm fields, and

We ensure clean and safe water for recreational purposes


- Population served 70,000
- Maintain 120 miles gravity sewer and 20 miles of force main sewer within 
  Springettsbury Township
- There are six pump stations that help transfer the wastewater to the facility

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BioNutrient Removal Project

PADEP-When it Rains, it Drains

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