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York, PA

Waste & Recycling Collection Contract - 2018-2022 Penn Waste

Trash and Recycling Collection Service Bidding and Contract Process

  • The Township is required by state law to procure solid waste removal services through a public competitive sealed-bid process. For the current contract, the bidding process and information was advertised on August 10, 2017 and August 17, 2017. Sealed bids were due on September 1, 2017.
  • The Township received two (2) bids and the Board of Supervisors was required by state law to accept the lowest competitive bid. The Board awarded the contract at the September 28, 2017 public meeting.
  • The Penn Waste bid was the lowest cost option the Township received for trash service. The difference in cost between the two bidders was $704,686.80.
  • Springettsbury Township currently charges a $20/year ($5/quarter) administrative fee for each residential unit per Resolution No. 2012-48. This administration fee covers items such as leaf pick-up, street cleaning and equipment, recycling programs, and administration of the trash contract.
  • The previous contract 2013-2017 was bid at a fixed rate for 5 years. Except for one increase in 2017 from the York County Solid Waste Authority, the quarterly fee did not change. Based on annual increases in fuel, labor and other operating costs, new bids were expected to be higher 5 years after the previous bidding process. The current contract has built in increases over the 5 year contract, those annual totals and the current 2018-2022 contract can be found HERE
  • Any additional questions or concerns should be directed to the Township Administration offices, 717-757-3521 or Penn Waste, 717-767-4456
1-3 units of 32-Gallon Trash Bag or Trash Can per week Plus Unlimited Recycling1 unit of 96-Gallon Toter per week Plus Unlimited Recycling

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