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  • DID YOU KNOW?You can receive your quarterly sewer bill via E-mail, by sending a request to Be sure to include your account number OR name and address information.
There are many benefits to receiving your sewer bill emailed to you instead of sent by postal mail:


    • Money Saving – E-mailed bills help reduce Township costs for paper, ink, additional labor and postage fees.
    • Receive Bill Early – By requesting your bill via E-Mail, you will receive bill notification approximately a week in advance of mailed bills.
    • No Missing Bills – If you are away from home for a period of time, you will still receive a copy of your current bill, where ever you may be.
    • Avoid Accidentally Lost Bills - No risk of the postal mailed bill getting mixed in with a magazine or thrown out with junk mail if you receive the E-mail version.
    • Larger Print – By receiving the E-Mail version, you have the ability to adjust sizing to make it easier to read.


If you have any questions about receiving an e-mail bill or other Sewer Payment questions, please contact the Finance Department, 717-757-3521 ext. 491.


  • You may set up direct payment of sewer bills from bank accounts by clicking "Automotaic ACH Payments" to the far right, or click HERE.


If the information provided within the links to the right do not answer your questions regarding your account, please contact us by e-mail, phone, mail, or fax.



Mail To:

Springettsbury Township

Attn: Finance Department

1501 Mt. Zion Road

York, PA 17402


Phone: 717-757-3521

Fax: 717-793-2474

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