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East York Interceptor Sewer Line Upgrade Project
Tuesday, February 27, 2018
This is the map of the planned sewer line project. The map also identifies the staging area used for deliveries, job trailers, equipment and materials.
This is the map of the planned sewer line project. The map also identifies the staging area used for deliveries, job trailers, equipment and materials.

02/27/2018 - Reminder, this project is ongoing until Summer 2018. Please note there is a staging area at the corner of Locust Grove Road and Eastern Boulevard that is used for job site trailers, deliveries, and equipment and materials storage. This area is a portion of Camp Security Park that will be returned to a grass field upon completion of the project. 


11/28/2017 - Check out this article from The York Dispatch - https://goo.gl/wLKYit 

Springettsbury Township is currently undertaking a large sewer line replacement and upgrade project in East York. The project is a joint effort between Springettsbury and Windsor Townships. The project began as a way to assist Windsor Township in their effort to eliminate a troublesome pump station and replace it with a gravity sewer line that connects to Springettsbury’s existing gravity sewer and the East York Pump Station. Through this cooperative effort, Springettsbury Township is also able to eliminate a pump station, near Penn Oaks neighborhood, and make significant improvements to Springettsbury’s existing gravity line that connects to the new line from Windsor Township.

Anrich, Inc of Wayne, PA, was awarded the contract through a formal bid process to complete the work for this project.

The contract also includes replacing approximately 2,400 linear feet of the existing East York Pump Station 16” force main with a new 24” ductile iron force main. This replacement provides Springettsbury with a new force main along with a substantial cost savings if the existing force main would break. 

The intergovernmental agreement between Springettsbury and Windsor Townships includes the following cost breakdown:

Windsor Township Total = $1,256,585

 Springettsbury Township Total = $981,415

The agreement also sets a one-time tapping fee that Windsor Township will pay to Springettsbury Township in the amount of $382,152.48.

The sewer replacement project covers over a mile of Township owned property or easements along a small creek from Eastern Boulevard into Camp Security Park and ending near Pond Road. A portion of the work travels through the 162 acres of historically significant Camp Security property, acquired by the Township in December 2013 through a joint effort between the Township, the Conservation Fund, the Friends of Camp Security, York County, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and other private donors.

As work continues into the park and other wooded areas, it is necessary to remove some trees to accommodate the installation of the new sewer line.  Only the minimum number of trees will be removed where it is absolutely necessary.

This project began in July 2017 and is expected to be completed in July 2018.

If you have any questions, please contact the Township Administration, 717-757-3521.

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