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York, PA

Mt. Zion Landfill Re-vegetation of Landfill Cap
Friday, May 6, 2016


The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) is planning to convert the vegetation cover on the East Mount Zion Landfill from mostly weeds and invasive species to native species typical of a native Pennsylvania meadow. This activity will reduce long-term maintenance costs on the landfill which are paid for by the State of Pennsylvania, and will promote the use of the landfill cap by non-destructive native Pennsylvania species, including butterflies, bees, song birds and ground birds. 

Beginning Tuesday/Wednesday (May 10/11) U.S. Fish and Wildlife service will apply herbicide at the East Mount Zion landfill; near Rocky Ridge park.  This is the first step is eliminate weeds and invasive species in the area; the second step is to plant Pennsylvania native meadow species which will occur later this spring/summer.

Please review the document listed below for additional information on this process. 


Attached Document or FileEast Mount Zion Landfill Re-Vegetation of Landfill Cap Information  

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