Right-to-Know Requests Received

The following links provide documentation regarding Right To Know (RTK) requests that the Township has received.   

By clicking on the links for each year, you will see a table identifying the RTK request received, the Requestor's name, the date the request was received and under "RTK Documentation" you will access the Requestor's completed form and the Township's response to that request.   If you would like additional information pertaining to a specific RTK #, please submit a RTK Request Form to the Township. Click here to get a RTK Request Form. When completing the form, if your request pertains to a previously requested RTK, please include the corresponding RTK # for reference.

      = These RTK Requests contain large data content (i.e.: Audio, large documents, etc.) and would require a new RTK Request to be submitted to Springettsbury Township, or the documents were not picked up by the requester and a new request would need to be submitted to obtain these documents. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Township has extensive public information readily available on our website or located at the Township Building. Occasionally, the quickest and easiest way to receive information or to ask a question is to visit the Township website or to contact a specific department directly. If applicable, a time can be scheduled to review available files and information. During a file review, documentation does not differ in quality or quantity from a RTK request. Also, a file review does not prevent an individual from then filing a RTK request.