Zoning is established to accommodate reasonable overall community growth, including population and employment growth, and opportunities for development of a variety of residential dwelling types and nonresidential uses as expressed by the community development goals and objectives of the Springettsbury Township Comprehensive Plan of 2006, as amended.


To this end, the Township has designated various Zoning Districts and associated boundaries in accordance with the adopted Comprehensive Plan. These Districts include:


  • R-1, High Density Residential District
  • R-7, Small Lot (minimum 7,500 sq. ft.) Single-Family Residential District
  • R-10, Medium Lot (minimum 10,000 sq. ft.) Single-Family Residential District
  • R-20, Large Lot (minimum 20,000 sq. ft.) Single-Family Residential District
  • R-R, Rural Residential District
  • N-C, Neighborhood-Commercial District
  • N-C/H, Neighborhood-Commercial Historic District
  • M-U, Mixed-Use District
  • C-H, Commercial-Highway District
  • B-I, Business and Industrial Park District
  • G-I, General Industrial District
  • O-S, Open Space District
  • F-P, Floodplain Overlay
  • S-S, Steep Slope Overlay
  • F-D, Flexible Development District
  • F-O, Flexible Development Overlay
  • F-R, Flexible Residential Overlay
  • T-N, Traditional Neighborhood Overlay

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The Township assigns a Zoning Officer and Deputy Zoning Officer to administer the zoning ordinance regulations including enforcement action and the imposition of penalties for violations.

The Zoning Ordinance will be held to be the minimum requirements for the promotion of the public health, safety, comforts, convenience and general welfare of the community. The Township’s Zoning Hearing Board provides for amendments of and variances from the provisions of these adopted regulations. 

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