2023 Leaf Collection Schedule

October 16 | November 3 | Final Collection November 28 
Neighborhoods: East York and Fayfield (North & South of Market Street),
Eastern Boulevard (East Market Street to Haines Road)

October 18 | November 8 | Final Collection December 1
Neighborhoods: Haines Acres Area (West of Cortleigh Drive), Camp Betty Washington Road,
Eastern Boulevard (Haines Road to Mills Street)

October 23 | November 13 | Final Collection December 6
Neighborhoods: Haines Acres Area (East of Cortleigh Drive) Yorkshire, the Hill, Penn Oaks North & South,
Eastern Boulevard (Mills Street to Edgewood Road/Rt 24)

October 26 | November 16 | Final Collection December 11
Neighborhoods: Yorklyn, Apple Hill, Stony Brook Heights, Wilshire, Stonewood Farms, Orchard Hills, Williams Road,
Ridgewood Road Ext, Springetts Oaks, Sentry Woods, and Eastern Boulevard (Edgewood Road/Rt 24 to Locust Grove Road)

October 31 | November 21 | Final Collection December 14
Neighborhoods: Northview Hills, Pleasureville, Whiteford Road, Eleventh Avenue, North Hills, Woodstream,
Idylwyld, Overview, Barwood, Green Ridge, Valley Forge, Rocky Ridge, Druck Valley Road, and East of Mount Zion Road