More about the Comprehensive Plan Committee



The Comprehensive Plan Ad-Hoc Committee (“Committee”) is charged by the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors to develop and submit a recommended Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Ordinance Amendments supporting said plan. The Comprehensive Plan is the overall policy guide and strategy for the physical development of Springettsbury Township. The Comprehensive Plan is to be based upon the requirements of the Municipal Planning Code (MPC) and consider the location, character and timing of future development as well as the need to maintain the quality of life enjoyed by all residents. Further, the “Committee” is to develop this plan, insofar as possible, in cooperation with surrounding municipalities, the County of York and other governmental agencies.


Public participation by all members of the Springettsbury community shall be a priority of the “Committee”.


The developments of recommended changes to Land Use Ordinances are to be done in order to provide the necessary legal tools to support the proposed Comprehensive Plan.


Time Frame:


The “Committee” is charged to complete this process within a two year time frame and provide its recommendations to the Planning Commission who will then forward their recommendation to the Board of Supervisors for final action. Should additional time be required, a request for additional time and reasons for said time extension is to be made to the Planning Commission at least three months prior to the original scheduled date of completion.


Committee Establishment and Recommendations:


The Ad-Hoc Committee hereinafter referred to as the “Committee” is to be an advisory committee reporting to the Planning Commission with regard to updating the Comprehensive Plan of the Township of Springettsbury. The “Committee” shall be made up of SEVEN voting members, representative of the community, with FOUR alternates. The alternates should be from the Planning Commission, Board of Supervisors and TWO members of the General Public who are citizens of Springettsbury Township to ensure that the “Committee” maintains membership throughout the two year working period.


The seven members and staff support personnel should represent, at a minimum, the following planning zone identities and/or civic groups, thus providing a strong cross section of the community:


  1. Planning Commission
  2. Board of Supervisors
  3. General Public
  4. Agriculture
  5. York County
  6. Real Estate
  7. Local Business
  8. Developer
  9. Engineering/Architecture

Committee Rules:


  1. All Public meetings of the Committee shall be advertised in accordance with the “Open Public Meetings Act” and open to the public except in those circumstances specifically prescribed by statute in which an “Executive Session” may be required.  
  1. Proposed agendas shall be prepared by “Staff” and shall be subject to change only by members of the “Committee”. All items must be related to the business of the “Committee”.  
  1. Staff shall provide special accommodations to any person with a disability requiring a special accommodation and who has notified the Township Secretary not later than three working days prior to the meeting. The “Committee” will make every effort to provide a reasonable accommodation. 
  1. No public posters, placards and/or signs shall be allowed in the meeting room. 
  1. Citizens and/or persons wishing to speak during the public comment period shall sign in on the sheet provided at the entrance to the meeting room. All individuals shall provide name and address for the record at the start of their comments. Comments shall be made at the public microphone. 
  1. Each individual who has signed in to speak during the public comment period shall be provided one opportunity to speak during the public comment period. Each individual shall be provided a maximum of three minutes of time for remarks. 
  1. All comments must relate to the business of the “Committee”. 
  1. No discussion of personnel matters shall be entertained by the “Committee”.  
  1. All cell phones and/or electronic devices shall be turned off in the “Committee” meeting room during meetings. 
  1. Proper decorum and Roberts Rules of Order shall be followed at all times. 
  1. Any person disrupting a “Committee” meeting shall be asked to leave. If said individual has not left, then the “Committee” shall take a break until the proper authorities are contacted to remove the individual. 
  1. All motions and/or recommendations for consideration by the “Committee” may only be made by “Committee” members or those alternate members as designated by the Chairman or Vice Chairman. No motions will be entertained from the floor.