Commercial Recycling Guidelines



Who?  All offices, restaurants, grocery stores, retail shops, service shops, schools, hospitals, churches, civic groups and any other establishment that does not fit into the residential category.


What Must I Do?  To comply with State and Local laws, you must recycle the following materials.


§Steel and bimetallic cans

§  High-grade office paper (Including white computer paper, copier paper, letterhead, manila file folders and similar white office paper). Please note that shredded paper must still be recycled.

§Corrugated Cardboard

§Glass (clear and colored)


Note: Incineration of materials is not recycling. The mandated items listed above must be “recycled” in a manner so the material can be used again for making new products.


How?  If you are not currently recycling ALL of the above materials, you must make private arrangements to do so. 
Visit for a listing of Recycling Markets located in York County, or call your current waste hauler, as they may be able to add a recycling service for you!


What To Do Next?

Step 1:If you are not currently recycling ALL of the above materials, contact a recycling contractor(s) to make arrangements.

Step 2:Report annually the types of materials recycled and name of private contractor(s).


When?  Effective September 1990, all businesses/establishments were required by State and local laws to be in compliance with recycling requirements.     


All Businesses/Establishments Must Report Each Year!  Accompanying this letter is a report that all businesses/establishments MUST complete. The report must be completed and returned to Springettsbury Township by January 15th each year.


Fines and Penalties All businesses/establishments that generate recyclable materials are required to recycle. Fines and penalties up to $1,000 plus costs and, in default of payment of said fine and costs, to a term of imprisonment not to exceed 90 days, per violation, may be assessed for non-compliance.  Each day that a violation continues, or each violation constitutes a separate offense.


Questions? If you are unsure about what you are required to do or if you need further assistance, please contact Springettsbury Township at 717-757-3521 ext. 415.