Tuesday Development Meetings


ATTENTION homeowner’s, businesses, manufacturers, and developers. If you are planning building additions, alterations, new construction, remodeling, land development, subdivisions or wish to change the use of your property, schedule a Development Meeting to get advice, guidance, and information pertaining to Township Ordinances and the permitting process. The information provided MAY save you time, money, and effort, if you know the requirements and the estimated fees upfront. Community Development Department staff representing the Zoning Officer, Township Engineer, Building Code Official, Plumbing Inspector, Sewage Inspector and Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility personnel will be there to help you find answers to your questions.


The meetings are informal, up to 45 minutes, with no minutes taken, and are held every Tuesday morning in the Township building starting at 8:30 a.m. Interested individuals or parties must schedule a time and date in advance. Please remember to bring your sketches, photos, drawings, plans, and anything else that may help us to provide the best possible advice for your project.


This meeting is an information session ONLY.