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Historic Preservation Forum - October 23, 2013

On October 23, 2013, the Township held an open forum on Historic Preservation/Resources. The goal of the forum was to gather information from the community about what role the Township should play in helping to preserve local historic properties and allow the Township an opportunity to share with the community its current processes regarding these types of properties. It is important to note that no decisions, specific codes or ordinances were made, voted on or debated at the forum.

In preparation for this event, nearly 600 surveys were sent out to property owners who currently appear on the Township's list of the top 100 historic sites, or who have property within the East York or Pleasureville Historic Districts. The mailed surveys were asked to be returned or brought to the forum. Attendees of the forum were given the same survey to fill out. Citizens who have not yet filled out the survey, are encouraged to do so and return it to the Township building by the end of November 2013. The survey is available by clicking the link labeled "Historic Resource Survey" below.

A digital presentation was on display at the entrance and various information stations were set-up throughout the building to discuss a variety of topics. In the links below are the entrance presentation and the documents that were displayed at each station. 

A formal presentation about the forum will be made to the Board of Supervisors at the November 20, 2013 meeting.