Important Information About Your Sewer Account

Trash Inquiries:  Penn Waste, Inc. 717-767-4456
Water Inquiries:  York Water Co. 717-845-3601

If you are a new owner of property, or are selling property in Springettsbury Township: 

  1. Your settlement company must submit a Sewer Account Request Form to the Township along with a $20 certification fee.
  2. The Township reports the current balance due, the last period billed, and the regular billing amount to the settlement company.
  3. Your settlement company will use this information to prorate the amount due based on the settlement date.  They will determine what amount is the responsibility of the seller and what amount is the responsibility of the buyer.  (The seller will be reimbursed by the buyer at settlement, for the period of time from settlement through the end of the billing period.)

If you are a renter:

  1. You are not responsible to the Township for sewer charges.
  2. The owner of a property is responsible to the Township for sewer charges.
  3. If, as a renter, you have an agreement with the property owner that you will pay the sewer bill, we can send the bill directly to you.  The property owner must complete a Sewer Account Request Form, notifying us that they wish their sewer bill to be sent to you. (The owner's name still appears on the bill, it is just mailed in care of renter/occupant)

Springettsbury Township prepares bills ONLY for sewer charges.  All inquiries for garbage should be made to Penn Waste, Inc. 717-767-4456.  All inquiries for water should go to York Water Co. 717-845-3601.

Sewer charges are billed quarterly.  Bills are due:  February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1.  We must receive payment by this date so that penalties and interest are not charged to your account.  We are not responsible for bills not received or payments not received by the due date.